Wd My Passport For Mac Internal Repair


To do so, connect the Passport to your PC, enter the Windows 8 Start menu and choose “Disk Management.

Formatting your drive will erase all its data, so be sure to back it up before making the change.

” Choose “exFAT” from the drop-down menu that appears and click “Apply” to format the drive, which will take a few minutes.. I have a WD My Passport compatible with Mac I have been using it for a few years, and now when I plugged it in and opened it up I can't see the files, even though they are there.. Now, click the “Partition” button at the top of the Disk Utility and click “Format.. Click the Disk Utility’s “Erase” button; assign the drive a name in the “Name” field; then hit “Erase,” and click “Done” when the erasing process is complete.. About eFAT and FAT32 Here’s something your My Passport for Mac Quick Install Guide might not tell you: Hard drives usually come formatted in two different ways, one catering to Windows and one catering to Mac.

But with more than 262 5 million PCs shipped in 2017, according to data from Statista, there’s a good chance your Passport Studio will need to play nicely with a Windows computer, too.

To start formatting, connect your WD Passport to your Mac; then open “Mac HD” and click “Applications,” “Utilities” and “Disk Utility.. It says that there are '45 items,' 129 18 GB available ' I never hide my files I have only ever used the device with my Mac.. As of 2018, Western Digital offers no shortage of external drives for Mac computers – from the My Book Essential to the My Book Pro and the My Book Studio, nearly 30 WD drives play nicely with Apple’s macOS operating system, as does the My Passport Studio model.. However, by formatting your My Passport differently, you can ensure compatibility in a variety of different ways.. When it comes to cross-platform flexibility, you’ve got a few options for crossing the Mac and PC streams.. External Drive for Mac to Windows 10 If you’ve got a WD external drive for Mac platforms and you want it to work on a Windows 10 PC, exFAT format is your best bet. 5ebbf469cd